How Customer Service Can Grow Your Business

Establishing a reputation for quality customer service can do wonders for your business. By providing a quality service, your reputation will be enhanced as friends, family and work colleagues of satisfied customers become aware of the standard of service that you provide. With countless review sites and various social media platforms, word of mouth has the potential to reach new audiences and bring new customers to your business.

If, on the other hand, you fail to offer the levels of service your customers expect, the exact opposite will happen. Instead of pleasing one customer and gaining many more in the process, you’ll do the one thing that no business can afford to do: lose customers.

Research has shown that people are influenced by what they hear from their friends and family when it comes to doing business with a particular company.  So, what can your business do to ensure that you consistently deliver the standard of service that will grow your customer base?

While automated facilities have their uses, they’re still incapable of providing whole satisfactory answers to many of your customer enquiries. Providing live representatives who can respond to your customers’ queries gives your business a more human face and provides your customers with a level of personal service.

Having the ability to empathise with your customers is essential. As a customer service representative, you’re the first point of contact for people with a wide range of questions and concerns. You may have to deal with emotionally charged individuals who are incredibly angry or upset with your company, so being able to fully understand their frustrations and empathise with them is vital.

One way to offer superior quality service and something which is often employed by leading businesses is to pair customers with representatives. This way your business can catalogue every action from your client and record it in a database. This is a great way for you to build relationships with your clients and provide them with a managed service instead of just one off customer support.

Providing better quality customer service is all about being proactive and going the extra yard. Look in detail at every call you receive: are there patterns emerging that could suggest there is a bigger issue which needs resolving? If so, act straight away to address the problem before it turns in to a bigger one. Be sure to follow up on your customers once you’ve dealt with their query to assure them you’re doing your upmost to ensure that they’re happy with your service.

Providing customer service isn’t just about answering people’s phone calls and replying to their emails. It’s about developing a successful relationship with people who you want to turn into repeat customer, people who will recommend you to others and people who will help your business grow.