Getting Good Online Reviews for Your Business

There are two ways to get reviews for your business or products online. A right way and a wrong way.  In 2009 the State of New York collected $300,000 from Lifestyle Lift, a plastic surgery company after it emerged that their employees had written reviews of their products without stating their connection to the company.

So, not wanting to follow in their footsteps, what can you do to ensure that your customers are going to leave reviews for your business that will help enhance your online reputation?

Ask for one. A rather obvious starting point but if you don’t ask you don’t get. Many of your customers will be more than happy to leave a review and there’s no harm in politely asking them to add one. What is important here is that you ask for a review in the right way. Tell you customer that you take their opinions very seriously and they you’re continually checking for feedback and ways to improve. Don’t just hand them a survey after every transaction and request they fill it out.

Make it easy. There’s little surprise that those sites who actively promote feedback are the ones that get the most reviews.  You can add icons to your site that enable your customers to leave feedback, suggest additional features or to have their reviews submitted directly to a review site.

Be prompt. Be sure to contact your customers sooner rather than later. Striking while the iron is hot has been shown to increase your chance of a positive review. The longer you leave it from the time of service to making contact with your customer the less likely they are to leave a review.

Use social media. People may be more willing to send a positive tweet in your direction or post a few good words on your Facebook page than actually completing a review on your site or on a review site. The outcome is that you’ll gain positive mentions of your brand name, services and products in an environment known for its sharing and the more people that share it the better for your business.

Don’t offer incentives. Despite what you may think this can have the adverse effect. You’ll find that if your customers are pleased with your service they’ll happily write you a review. Offering incentives to people who are already fond of you can have diminishing returns and reduce their enthusiasm in your brand.

By implementing the above points you’ll be able to strengthen your online and offline reputation and be in a better position to increase the number of reviews your business receives.