Does Your Dealership NEED customer reviews?….Why, yes it does….

First of all why do so many companies chase reviews? Well the most obvious benefit of having your product/service reviewed is the opportunity to let potential customers know you’re there and to create awareness.

Spread the word

For the smaller dealer with fewer pennies to spare for marketing, reviews offer a relatively inexpensive option. That’s not to say they don’t benefit established companies of course, with the ease and accessibility of sharing an opinion via social media to a vast audience, a huge and increasing number of consumers are seeking out the digital word of mouth – or reviews – to find out what they’re letting themselves in for prior to purchasing. Smart.

Smart Cookies

According to a Capgemini study the internet is top of the list when it comes to researching car purchases. A whopping 80% of consumers surveyed use the web; what are they using it for? To obtain an objective view, search engines blogs and web forums have become key sources of information. So it would be pretty clever to ensure when they are doing their research that they see plenty of positive reviews about your dealership scattered across the web.  Consumers are veering towards the manufacturer sites and are then turning to user generated content for reviews……..

Negatives as positives

So it appears that in today’s digital world, online reviews are pivotal to generating sales, but what do you do with a less than glowing review? Inevitably you’ll eventually get a baddy; Act immediately to turn this detractor into an advocate; thank them for their feedback and ask what you could do to make things right, besides, negative reviews are MORE helpful because they point out ways you can get better.

Just a couple of thoughts to end; reviews are an important tool in your consumer kit– one that should be used in conjunction with other marketing tactics. They may lead the customers to the showrooms – very good – but it also helps to remember that they can actually be more helpful to YOU than to your customers…..