The one that got away… to keep hold of the rest and turn them into happy customers

When it comes to turning prospective customers into sales, having an effective prospect management program in place is crucial. As the average customer nowadays visits 1.5 dealerships before making that all important purchase it is more critical than ever to qualify and ‘nurture’ prospects that leave empty handed.

So what can you do to make sure they buy from you and not your competitors?

1. How you make them feel and their overall experience with you; This includes how well you communicate, your website’s quality, the quality and look of the showroom and the welcome they receive when they first visit ( as well as the quality of the coffee). Build a relationship by remembering personal details and listening carefully to what they say.

2. Your product/service;  An obvious one but here are two basic reasons why people purchase anything: to make life easier and more pleasurable (i.e the freedom that comes with a car) or combat a problem (i.e. need for independence), Therefore you need to focus on your product’s most attractive and relevant benefits as you communicate with your prospects and make sure you deliver on your promises.

3. Your reputation – can you be trusted? Do everything in your power to ensure that your prospects, customers, and colleagues understand and protect the business’s name. Your credibility and truthfulness will also win you far more customers than impossible to keep promises; remember – always under promise and over deliver!

4. The value they receive. Although most consumers are price-conscious, the vast majority do not consider price alone when making their buying decisions. They consider value; the difference between what something costs and its worth to the buyer. What does value look like in the car buying world? Answer; knowledgeable and honest employees and continued excellence in aftersales service.

6. How well you handle their concerns. To convert a prospect effectively you must get into their heads. Listen to their opinions and feelings—particularly as they relate to your products or services—and be sure to address them directly.

Converting a prospect into a customer is all about the personal touch – listen to what they say and react accordingly – do what they ask, do more if possible and you should see they will be more inclined to part with their hard earned cash rather than run to your competitors. Simple.