UK Car Dealer reviews on the rise

The huge growth in customer feedback via the internet has been fuelled by power online brands such as Amazon and Trip Advisor. Google web results visually display average customer ratings of selected websites and it is well documented that this is what we all want – and is reflected in search engine results clickthrough rates.

So it really is no surprise that ‘car dealer reviews’ as a search term entered into Google UK has increased in the last 5 years. The analysis carried out by the Judge Service digital team shows interesting rises in Google UK search volume at a manufacturer level (Ford dealer reviews) and at a dealer level with the example of ‘Lookers reviews‘.

As a wider point, traffic to dealership websites has increased by 6% year on year according to Hitwise statistics. Car retailing has been tough to say the least in the double dip recession but this data demonstrates some type of modest recovery (as does the 2012 SMMT data on new car registrations). Of note was that Bristol Street Motors have managed to increase their share of automotive visits from 1.84% to 2.17% quarter on quarter as the second table below shows.

Hitwise car dealer website data : Soure: Hitwise
Hitwise car dealer website data : Soure: Hitwise

As car retailing slowly gets back into gear it is evident that consumer power is stronger than ever. Customer reviews are becoming a part of many car dealer group’s brand values as long term reputation means sales and increased market share.