Beat your competition with video reviews

Get powerful with video reviews

In my last blog post, we talked about the scale of online reviews in relation to influencing buying decisions. If you’re now convinced that you need to take some time out to develop an on-going online reviews strategy, including video reviews will add a new, more tactile element to your testimonial content.

User generated content (UGC) is a gold mine in online marketing. Get it right and your audience or community can transform your company’s online value proposition.

Don’t fall at the first hurdle

With video, the first decision you need to make and action is how you will produce the reviews. Whether you invest in basic video equipment, rely on your customers to create the reviews or a freelancer videographer don’t be afraid to make a decision on this –many companies fall at this first hurdle and take the easy way out. Video content can be very powerful; don’t let your website miss out on it. Getting a decent, affordable videographer gets you started and offers professionalism in the final production. You could do a one off exercise to get some ‘hero’ testimonial videos together.

Video review content

There are two approaches to customer feedback videos – user generated media (UGM) and business generated. A great example of customer feedback is LG’s YouTube video channel. As mentioned above you could generate 4-6 customer videos that could be more promotional in the final production – plus they will get the ball rolling when you invite customers to video their thoughts. Combine this with the authentic customer videos that you collect from your existing customers and you have a powerful new content stream.

Publishing video content

By uploading videos to your website using YouTube or Vimeo embeds you prevent your hosting arrangement or web server from being drained for memory. This is a simple case of getting the embed code and inserting it within the HTML of your web page or blog post – you can tailor the dimensions by adjusting the width and height in pixels so that everything looks professional. External hosting videos on social media channels is now more popular than placing them on your domain – there is a potential SEO benefit to having rich content within your website for the search engine spiders to see and acknowledge. Then the last option would be to do both – host the video but upload it to the big video social media channels and link out to them on the customer review page.

Marketing your video content

Be proud of your customer reviews – and make sure they get viewed. Consider these three opportunities:

–          YouTube optimisation – think carefully about your video’s title and the keywords you provide to demonstrate the relevancy of your company’s product/service.

–          Get your customers to share the video – they can be your video stars!

–          Online / native advertising : Stumbleupon, Facebook, Twitter and even Google Adwords could be used to push up pageviews of your video.

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