What is social proofing?


We all strive to make less mistakes, and one of the ways we can improve on many of life’s smaller and larger decisions is by social proofing.

Social proofing occurs when we rely on a friend or relative to recommend a product or service and it is becoming increasingly prevalent on websites such as Facebook and Trip Advisor. In fact, websites which fail to offer a comprehensive ‘reviews’ section will more often than not lose favour with those buyers who are looking to purchase items or enter into an experience.

The degree to which we buy into social proofing is affected by three major components, the number of people who are performing the behaviour, how similar we perceive these people to be to ourselves (this can be measured by asking the reviewer to include simple information such as their gender and age), and the level of ambiguity or difficulty the decision has caused.

It is a known fact the more people that recommend a product or service, the more likely it is that people will buy into it and recently this has become increasingly obvious within the automotive industry. In fact, in some cases customers will actually enter dealerships, ask for a specific salesman then buy a car from them all because of social proofing.

That is why it is so important for your sales people to perform their jobs to the best of their ability on every single sale that they make – if one customer leaves happy in the knowledge they have received a gold service, more often than not they will go away and tell their friends about it. Those friends will be eager to experience the same level of service, so will perhaps think twice about heading to their local dealership and travel the extra miles to yours.

The advantage of visiting a website like Judge Service is that all the reviews are laid out in one place. We’ve done the work for you so that all your customers need to do is find their nearest dealership with the best recommendation for customer service. Judge Service is a customer satisfaction service designed to help new and used car dealers and car specialists improve their customer satisfaction ratings by generating testimonials and reviews.

Satisfied customers now have a platform where they can share testimonials, provide car dealers reviews and suggest recommended, good and reliable car dealers. In turn, through social proofing, these positive referrals will help you to grow your car sales business and turn satisfied customers into loyal friends.


This article was provided by Duncan Colman, digital advisor for JudgeService.com.