JudgeService survey of 10,000 buyers shows top reasons that prevent a purchase

Press release
July 2014

JudgeService, the UK’s leading provider of car dealer reviews has collated the results from 10,000 customer surveys to reveal the true reasons why many dealers are missing out on sales.

When it comes to stalled sales success, almost a quarter (24%) of those questioned said they walked away because the ‘overall deal’ wasn’t attractive enough, whilst 22 per cent were unhappy with the part exchange offered and almost one in ten (9%) decided not to purchase because they were put off by the sales experience.

More importantly, the JudgeService data also revealed 35 per cent of customers who chose not to buy were still in the market48 hours after visiting the dealership, presenting executives with a valuable opportunity to address problems and convert missed sales after the initial visit.

The research data was collated from 10,000 customers who enquired in person (62%), by telephone (19.5%) or online (18.5%) at dealerships across the UK using JudgeService’s ProAct product. ProAct is a unique service which provides dealersinsight into direct customer feedback on lost sales and where the customer experience can be improved, to ensure more browsers are ultimately converted to buyers.

JudgeService sales director, Dale Woodley explains:“In an increasingly competitive market, it’s crucial that dealers secure up to date customer feedback, allowing them to stay one step ahead of their peers.

“The results from our data show how easily a sale can be lost, but they also demonstrate that it’s not the end of the road if you don’t secure a sale on the customer’s first visit. More than a third of those who didn’t buy were still in the market, which presents a golden opportunity for dealers to make improvements based on feedback received, bringing the same buyers back to their forecourt.

“Although factors such as the perception of the value of the overall deal and part exchange offered to customers will often be a sticking point, I’m sure most dealers would have means to stack a deal to make it more attractive. The experience can also be improved through training and employee development – a small price to pay for converting a potential 4000 buyers out of this small sample alone.”

Web-based JudgeService ( is the first customer satisfaction index service developed specifically for the used car sector by those working in the industry. It provides dealers with an end to end customer contact and monitoring tool which not only enables groups to assess used car sales and satisfaction across different dealerships, marques and sales teams, but also encourage and promote positive customer testimonials online and via social media.


For more information please contact Hayley Dodsworth, Marketing Manager at JudgeService on 01423 225 166 or email

Notes to Editor

Full data below:
• The JudgeService data was collated from 10,000 customer surveys from dealers using the Proact service. From this sample:
o 62% customers physically visited a dealership
o 19.5% customers made a telephone enquiry
o 18.5% customers made an online enquiry

• Conversion rates from the sample:
o 18% purchased from the dealer
o 35% bought from elsewhere
o 35% were still in the market to buy
o 12% no longer intended to change or were no longer in the market

• Reasons the sample chose not to purchase:
o 24% were not happy with the overall deal
o 22% were not happy with the part exchange offered
o 9% did not like the sales experience