Top ‘likes’ and ‘gripes’



Top ‘likes’ and ‘gripes’ from our ReAct data July 2014

As our customer base is growing we believe we can add even more value to your business by providing you with market statistics from our JudgeService surveys.  This month we are focusing on customer service data from our ‘ReAct’ new and used car sales data.

Our ReAct survey ultimately measures your customers’ buying and delivery experience, and then finds out if they would recommend your dealership to a friend.

Have a look at the scores from the survey answers and compare your dealerships results and see how you measure up.

Top ‘likes’ – reasons why buyers were completely satisfied:

  1. Salesperson attitude prior to purchase (96.9%)
  2. Salesperson attitude at handover (92.3%)
  3. Look and presentation – cleanliness of the site (96%)

Top ‘gripes’ – reasons why buyers were completely dissatisfied:

  1. Explanation of finance packages (13.4%)
  2. Unhappy with the mechanical prep at handover – cleanliness/tools in car (8.5%)
  3. Explanation of sales paperwork and vehicle documentation (5.8%)


Real time reporting – what you need when you need it!

We have given our reporting system a revamp to allow you to tailor-make reports and add even more value to your business.  We have simplified the way you can extract useful information – e.g. source of business, top sales executives, or Promoter Score allowing you drill down into the feedback about your business.    For more information contact