Straight-talking guide to content marketing


There is no doubt that the arrival of the Internet and social media has influenced the World of SEO and, in particular, content marketing. It has given everybody the ability to have their say and share it with the world. From a digital marketing perspective, it provided a whole new avenue to work with but with it, unfortunately for us, came a huge increase in competition.

If you’re associated with SEO in any way then you will know that content is king.  Everywhere you look; blog posts, social media, you tube videos, there are different pieces of information trying to elaborate the importance content has on rankings.

  1. Size matters … This simply means Google takes the length of the content into account. Although there are no strict guidelines to how much content is correct, it is simply the more the better. Until recently, it was thought that 250-500 words was appropriate.
  2. Be interactive – With up to 1500 words on a single page, there is a high possibility your mind will wander a bit. To prevent this, engage your audience using videos, images, graphs – anything to A) make the page look more attractive, and B) to display the information you are providing in an easy-to-read format.
  3. Automated content feed  – Whether it is about a certain product or experience your content will do great things.


Sharing your content with the World

  • Social Media – Millions of people are now using social media and it continues to grow in popularity.   Instead of using it just for social purposes, it is extremely effective for business purposes and its power is underestimated.  Every single person on any form of social media has the potential to see your piece of content. Creating something therefore, that has a good target audience and has the potential to be shared over and over again within that target area is key to creating a successful content campaign.
  • Promotion – Having placed the content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+ etc. you may think you’ve done everything possible to show your content to the world? A common mistake in the content marketing world is to forget about the content you’ve posted and let the magic happen. There are a couple of ways to promote your work being shared:
  1. Use share buttons on your content.
  2. Timing is everything. (The average life cycle of content on twitter can be as little as 18 minutes).  Schedule updates throughout a month or automate feeds of fresh content from other sources.


So, how can JudgeService help you?

We have had fantastic results by automating the reviews and testimonials not only onto our customer’s website, but also by providing a continuous content feed to their social media platforms from our Facebook and Twitter Apps.

Simply, the most important element on your site is your content because Google will look at this first to ensure that the site is worthy of being ranked. Creating the perfect title tag is essential and matching this with META descriptions is what encourages traffic to click onto your site. Increase in this click through rate is what ultimately leads to a higher conversion rate.

As this blog explains, the need for professional content is one of the most important things in the SEO world right now. We have already seen amazing results through content marketing and the same can be done for you. Creating the content is not enough though – link building, social sharing and promotion are all required.

Contact to find out more about how we can help and to add these new features to your site for free.