Introducing the new dashboard facility for JudgeService users

Heads up on csi

The dashboard is designed as a top-level overview of the business highlighting any positive or negative areas for deeper analysis.
The dashboard is available on the home page of every JudgeService users system.  It has been generated from customer feedback to simplify the management reporting and provide a summary of business critical kpi’s which will support your CSI.
Dashboard allows you to:
• Snapshot results at top level as seen on your website:
– Overall satisfaction score
– Percentage that would recommend the dealership
– Monthly users – unique number of users who have logged onto the system
• Opportunities:
– Compare your survey results as an average to a similar sized dealership to give a market view
• You can rank results on highest and lowest averages
• Review up to 12 months data at any time
• Review by group or by dealership level to highlight trends
• Rank performance and highlight the top performers
• Identify weaknesses in sales process
• Click through to survey answers and drill down to detail
• Assess data quality received for follow up by JudgeService to assess if this can be improved

For more details see the new features section in the JudgeService system.

How it looks on JudgeService