Straight-talking: digital trends 2015

trends for 2015

Mobile:  Mobile devices have become increasingly advanced, the consumers ability to readily view content via mobile is critical. In fact, according to Google’s internal search data, 55% of searches for car dealers are now on mobile devices! Mobile phones also allow the consumer to easily transition from hearing a message and acting on said message, which is at the heart of all digital marketing. Indeed, mobile will be one of the biggest digital marketing trends for 2015.
Use of video: video technology has been incorporated into mobile devices allowing greater accessibility and ease of use for the consumer.  Video supports the consumer review process as the testimonial is more personal and credible on camera.
Audience: Understand your audience and speak to them in a way that will build loyalty.

Reviews provide independent, unbiased, constant content to support your communications strategy and supply your website and social media channels.
Our responsive surveys have been optimised to work on mobile to increase completion rate and consumer video reviews will be available via JudgeService in 2015.
Usefulness/Value: Create content that is wholeheartedly USEFUL to the consumer – the kind that people will thank you for.
Change: The only constant is change: this applies to digital marketing as much as any other form of marketing. NEVER get comfortable with any given approach to your digital marketing strategy.
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