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Our surveys provide independent, unbiased, constant content to support your communications strategy and supply your website and social media channels with relevant content.  Make sure that you have added the Facebook and Twitter app to your JudgeService system to fully benefit.

Google loves testimonial content on your site and via your social media.
Natural content works in supporting your digital strategy as it adds regular meaningful information to your site.
Jimmy Ward is now on-board to support your dealership awareness by proactively sharing your positive testimonials and relevant content adding real value to your dealership social media. To see what we’re doing visit

Twitter is a popular social media tool and, although one that may not immediately appear relevant to a dealership, you may find very useful. Imagine the customer service opportunities… Someone tweets you to see if you have a particular vehicle in stock and you reply; you can tweet a customer when it’s time for a service or time to pick up their vehicle; you could also use it to generate promotion for a sale event, you can share positive customer feedback. Build customer relationships, build brand awareness and increase website traffic through successful social media business accounts.

“Whether you are launching a start-up or leading an established company, you should start establishing your social media presence” – Richard Branson.

RAC Cars uses on-going analysis to refine its website and its current top priority is mobile engagement, which accounts for 53% of its website traffic. found that 41 percent of millennials consult their mobile devices for “critical shopping activities” like reading vehicle reviews.
There are a number of other social media tools that could be of use to promote your car dealership, and get people visiting you, including Google+, Instagram and Pinterest – not forgetting the networking value of LinkedIn.

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