Top Tips for May 2015



Tip 1 
Ensure you collect full details for follow up
Collect contact details in full including correct title, name, telephone numbers and email address then pass it on for follow up.

Tip 2 
Ensure every enquiry status is updated regularly throughout the process
This will ensure that you know exactly which records are opportunities and which are lost, allowing you to keep track of new business.

Tip 3 

Ensure that your HOT leads are given priority for follow up in sales
Get in touch to find out more about how our ProAct survey can add additional independent resource to your sales department and follow up on your lost prospects to regenerate hot leads.
All ProAct survey results will be channelled back to your dealership.  You can then use the feedback to understand your customer’s viewpoint and follow up on the requalified opportunities and get back in touch to complete the sale.

To find out more about any of our surveys contact or call 01423 225166.