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Promoter Score is an industry accepted standard for predicting customer loyalty and an important indicator of company growth.

It is a single question – “what is the likelihood to recommend company x to a friend or colleague?”.  This simple measure covers the complete customer experience – both physical factors, like space to park on site, and emotional factors, like “what you thought about the salesperson?”, which measures the customer experience.

JudgeService can incorporate the Promoter Score question in every survey to measure customer loyalty alongside satisfaction.   This customer loyalty metric works with the more direct questions to help you to pinpoint issues which require action and resolution to turn customers into raving fans.

The response is measured on a scale of 1 to 10 and the respondent would be considered one of the following:













To obtain the actual promoter score the percentage of detractors is deducted from the promoters.

Promoter Score is easy to understand, calculate and is universally accepted, although uptake is slower in the UK.

Promoter Score is available to see in summary on the new JudgeService Dashboard to aid its ability to drive the message of how important customers are right across the business.


In summary:

JudgeService offers Promoter Score within all surveys as it is an extremely attractive tool for use by the management team to gauge customer loyalty.  We have combined this single figure score with a number of other key questions to deliver actionable findings to improve overall satisfaction and build loyalty. Although this is not yet widely used in the UK, it is the most widely acknowledged measure of customer loyalty in the US.  By adding the Promoter Score to your surveys at this time will build up an archive of results which will then accessible in the future for promotion.