Top tips for September 2015


Tip 1

Talk to us about how AWACS can boost sales and CSI:

Our new survey AWACS (advanced warning about car selection) can help you keep in touch with your customers, designed to provide a touch-point mid-way through the buying cycle, to give a holistic view of the whole buying experience.   The survey results provide an independent evaluation including whether they are likely to buy the brand, product and from you again.

Tip 2

Send us your data as quickly and frequently as possible to get feedback from your customers and act upon it and share it:

Collecting contact data from your prospects and customers is key to our success.  The sooner we receive the data, the sooner we can contact them to gather their feedback and send this information back to you for review, and where necessary, further action.

Tip 3

Talk to your team about areas to improve on then get in touch with customers to turn around any negatives:

Use the Dashboard information to review sales team performance and csi