Introducing our new customer mid-cycle survey


Find out how we help you to re-engage with your customers


Introducing our new automotive online and telephone customer mid-cycle survey AWACS – (Advanced Warning About Car Selection).

We find out which customers plan to buy from you again 18-21 months into the car buying cycle. We then send you their feedback so that you know when to re-engage.

We contact customers 18-21 months into the ownership cycle to understand:

  • How happy they are with the car
  • If they are planning on buying the same make and model next time
  • The likely change date
  • If they are planning to stay with the dealer to repurchase or if not, why?

Keeping in contact proactively with your customers in-house takes considerable investment in resources and is dependent on the capability of your CMS and longevity of your sales team.

JudgeService provide a cost-effective solution whereby we contact your customers on your behalf, firstly by email, then non-respondents are contacted via our experienced contact centre by telephone.

We then update your contact details, follow up every lead and then provide you with a comprehensive report of the customers comments, cleansed contact data and highlighted hot leads for your sales team to follow up as genuine sales opportunities.

You have the information to re-engage with customers with a greater understanding of their needs when the time is right.

Contact us to get in touch to find out more about AWACS or any of our automotive surveys and see how we can help!

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