Find out more about the changes to the JudgeService reporting suite and the new profile page:

We’ve added a new feature called Profile page to our reporting suite to ensure you can easily access key information to support your sales and csi process from your home page.

Our new profile section allows you to see at every level how you are performing as a group, by site, by salesperson and by customer review. 

Select your primary site to compare your group’s performance with the JudgeService average.

You can rank your sales team by performance to find out who is in your sales top 10 so that you can recognise and reward excellence or tackle training issues positively. 

You can easily review each salesperson’s individual performance, find out how they compare and read comments received from their customers to uncover sales opportunities.

JudgeService customers can check out the ‘help screen’ when they login to find out how to get the most from the new profile page changes.



Find out more about our new showroom survey.

We can provide you with instant results to ensure you never miss a sales opportunity:

Visitors are given the opportunity to complete a few questions on tablet or PC about that visit:  

  • Who was the salesperson with you today?
  • How satisfied with the salesperson’s handling of your enquiry today?
  • Anything the dealership could do to improve your overall experience?
  • Would you recommend x dealership to family and friends?


The dealership receives immediate feedback on what they thought so that you can act upon the information internally.

You can handle any negatives there and then or thank them for their positive comments.



Find out where your customers bought from with our competitor report in the ProAct survey.

  • Where did they buy from instead?
  • What make?
  • What model?

We collate this information alongside the details of customers who are still in the market.

We pass these fully qualified leads on to your sales team as HOT LEADS for them to follow up and convert.

Contact JudgeService on or call 01423 225166 to find out how we help.

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