How do your new car customers decide where to buy?

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Do you measure the attraction factor?  We do.

At JudgeService we measure how your car sales prospect heard about you and report this back through the management reporting suite to ensure you have a handle on where to invest your marketing budget, based on a calculated return on investment.

The Top scorers in our analysis across survey responses in 2015 were:

  1. Listening to others and recommendations
  2. Good experience previously
  3. Online search and social media:  Status posts on facebook – ‘Can anyone recommend a dealer?’ is now common practice when deciding where to visit…
  4. Convenience – local dealership
  5. Advert

We capture data on ‘what is the number one attraction factor?’ and our stats reveals that ‘good experience’ scored higher than ‘because the dealership was local’ or  ‘the prospect had responded to an advert’.

What works for you?  Our reporting system can give you a true representation of what is working so that you can calculate ROI and where to invest.