What Price for loyalty?


Recent research from One poll shows that 65 per cent of consumers think that a main dealer is the safest place to buy a used car.  

JudgeService provide independent reviews which are promoted on our consumer website, www.judgeservice.com, and our customers own website as a performance widget, to build confidence and trust in the dealership and encourage new business, but after the customer has bought, just how loyal are they?

New research from JudgeService tells us that while 30 per cent of customers have bought from a particular dealer, only 15 per cent bought their last car from the same dealer. I would argue that this is the test of true customer loyalty and we need to do more to understand the customer’s expectations and meet them.

Whilst there is no doubt that it is easier to lock people into the same brand on new cars using PCPs, this does mean that a whopping 85 per cent of your customers could be persuaded to buy their next used car from you too.

The key to customer loyalty seems to me to be keeping in contact with the customer and not just when you want to sell them something. Indeed according to the Cap Gemini Cars Online report, 48 percent of consumers who had more than six contacts during ownership described themselves as very satisfied. Whereas if they had no contact at all only 16 per cent described themselves this way.

Staff turnover presents a challenge to this relationship building, but as we start to explore product geniuses and take advantage of the myriad of channels offered by digital and social media marketing, investing a little more time and money in retention can give the edge over your competition.

Neil Addley

JudgeService founder