Find out why AutoTrader, and Trusted Dealers use JudgeService



Here’s why the big names in the industry are using JudgeService reviews:

The average consumer spends nearly 11 hours researching online when buying a car

Digital has become a HUGE part of car buying, with dealers creating a ‘digital forecourt’ that encourages people to step onto their physical forecourt.

JudgeService research shows that 41% of enquiries to a dealership came from websites or social media.

This is great news for our industry, because now 51% buy on their first visit to the dealership. Online reviews have made the conversion easier.

30% buy a car based on dealer reviews

One of the most important parts of the car buying process is what other consumers are saying. We all look at online reviews before making a purchase, especially a big purchase, and as consumers we don’t trust companies that don’t have any reviews.

88% of people trust online recommendations over family and friends… yes family and friends!

With these facts combined it becomes really clear as to why it’s essential you are collating and displaying reviews to your online audiences. 2.1 million cars were sold in 2015 due to dealer reviews.

Consumers spend 10% more time on dealer pages that have reviews

We know that the online platform is becoming more and more competitive, with our competitors being just one click away at all times.

We need to keep our consumers on our website so we have longer to reassure them of our brand. Showing online reviews will achieve that.

JudgeService go the extra mile to help you create raving fans

No one does independent reviews like JudgeService. In addition to overall recommendations

JudgeService will assess the whole customer journey, allowing you to make improvements to your sales process that can improve conversion.

It’s more than just reviews, it’s a management reporting tool for internal meetings and performance management.

Contact us today to find out how our reporting can boost your business and provide you with online reviews.