Remain open, even when closed

As car shoppers do more online research and engage with other customers before making a decision to head into a dealership, online reviews can be gold. Many dealerships use digital channels such as email marketing, digital advertising and social marketing, but when it comes to the final decision of which dealership to actually visit, positive online reviews can be the deciding factor in tipping the balance.

Shopping, of all kinds, is now an anytime, anywhere activity. New research, undertaken by Trusted Dealers, emphasises this:

Figure 1 shows all emails, calls and website sessions made to car dealerships:

  • 46% of dealer website visits are between 6pm and 11pm.
  • 46% of emails submitted are also sent when dealers are shut.

This means that potential customers are searching for vehicles, and even enquiring about vehicles, without visiting a showroom. And this is where online presence is vital.

Car dealers should ensure that any reviews are on their website so that people can see how good they are, even when they can’t speak to a representative. This way, dealers are starting to convert them before they come to a site, providing valuable competitive advantage.

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