Trust in car dealer reviews – a best practice checklist

Consumers rely on online reviews to make purchasing decisions. They also expect reviews to be independent and genuine to help them make more informed purchasing decisions.

  • Review sites should operate rigid testimonial publishing criteria to ensure that consumer reviews are totally unbiased and provide an accurate picture of the consumer experience.
  • All endorsements should reflect the endorser’s actual experience and opinion. Companies should not use testimonials that make claims about a product or service that can’t be backed up with clear evidence.
  • Appropriate procedures should be in place to detect and remove fake reviews, and act promptly in response to reports of suspected fake reviews.
  • Every testimonial should be checked, prior to publishing, as there is no safer check than a pair of eyes reading content!
  • Review sites should not ‘pretend’ to be a consumer and write reviews about customers – or pay others to do so.
  • Money or gifts should never be offered to customers to write positive reviews as inducements. This would dilute the accuracy and honesty of any review.
  • Every used car sales review should be published, including negative ones, provided they are genuine and lawful. Customers are becoming increasingly wary and suspicious of only positive reviews.

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