Things to do when the Internet is down

With the recent cyber security threats, and subsequent ‘internet-outage’ due to system updates, we take a look at how employees can maintain productivity while the systems are down.

There is a lot that can be done without being connected to the internet:

  1. Return those phone calls

Do you have a backlog of answer machine messages, missed calls or calls that need returning? This is the perfect time to make those calls. So, pick up the phone, return those client calls, chat with your accountant, or phone that agency!

  1. Call / Re-arrange that meeting

We often spend too much time sifting through the day-to-day stuff in the business, and sometimes we aren’t able to focus on the ‘bigger picture’. Well, now the day-to-day has ground to a halt, it’s the perfect time to think about what the future might hold.

Get the whole team together to get their ideas on how the business and processes can improve, discuss any issues they may be having and figure out the best way forward.

Alternatively, if you have meetings that can be brought forward, utilise the time to do this.

  1. Get filing up-to-date

Even though most companies find the cloud a much easier way to operate and store files, many businesses still need to keep certain parts of their process in hard copy. This means paper files, which have a tendency to get stuck on desks and tables and not in their proper place.

Now is the time to go through those stacks of accumulated files and put them back in their proper places!

  1. Catch up on what is happening in the market place

Do you have a pile of industry journals or magazines you’ve been wanting to read? Industry knowledge is vital to your business’ success, so use the time wisely to catch up on what is happening in your market place with any White Papers, Journals or Magazines you have.

  1. Sort your post

Emails are a great way of communicating, but many companies still rely on post. This is often left until just before the postman arrives, but if emails are not available, seize the opportunity to be early and organised and get the post sorted first!

  1. Clean your desk

Is your desk a bit of a dumping ground for unpaid invoices, random cables or notes from meetings that happened months ago!?

We talk all the time about the elusive email “inbox zero.” So why not strive for desk zero? An organised desk is a productive workstation.