Where do car dealerships often let themselves down in terms of customer satisfaction?

Part of the problem with measuring customer satisfaction for car dealerships is that the areas that lead to dissatisfied customers are often subtle and difficult for staff to pinpoint.

For example, perhaps a customer was disappointed by what they received in part exchange, or perhaps a particular turn of phrase used by the salesperson was taken the wrong way. One particular mistake that’s often made by the staff at dealerships is failing to follow up on a lead, due to having assumed the process was concluded, when the customer may have been waiting for a call.

None of these problems are necessarily serious, but they have the potential to snowball and turn into ongoing problems for the business if they are not dealt with. The example above, for example, could be resolved by just getting back in touch with the customer.

It’s inevitable that you’ll get the occasional disgruntled customer who just can’t be pleased. That happens to every business at some point. Fortunately, JudgeService helps you place such negative feedback in context, so you can see whether they are actually indicative of a larger trend. As a result, you’ll get a very clear view of your business, so problems can be dealt with rather than swept under the carpet.

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