Measuring the attraction factor

At JudgeService, we measure how your prospective customers heard about you and report this back through our unique management reporting suite. This is so that you have a handle on where to invest your budget and take control of your marketing, based on a calculated return on investment.

We capture data on ‘what is the number one attraction factor?’ and the top scorers in our analysis were:

  • Recommendations / Reviews / Word-of-Mouth
  • Good Previous Experience
  • Online Search and Social Media: Status posts on Facebook, for example – ‘Can anyone recommend a dealer?’ is now common practice when deciding where to visit
  • Convenience – locality of dealership
  • Advertising – the more ‘traditional method’

So what works for you?  Of course, each dealer is different, so we have developed our reporting system to give you a true, personal representation of what is working so that you can calculate ROI and where to invest. JudgeService provides unparalleled levels of reporting.