Surveys, the way you want them

As one of the leading Survey and Research Specialists, we are able to develop Bespoke  solutions that provide accurately recorded results, in real time, with outstanding reporting features.

Our products contain advanced reporting tools which allow you to use all survey results to provide statistics about the buying process, handover, and service quality. These results can then be used by management teams to review performance and KPI’s, allowing you to produce tailor-made reports to review survey results and gain a better understanding of the customer experience.

We can use a selection of email, telephone or postal surveys, depending on your requirements. YOU can even define the questions that need answering, we will create a scripted survey based on your specific requirements. Results can be delivered straight to your inbox if required.

A trusted team leads to trustworthy reviews

Our reviews are independent, verified and 100% genuine, to help consumers make more informed purchasing decisions. The JudgeService Contact Centre is one of the most modern of its type, and all calls are monitored and recorded. All staff are trained to the highest standard to ensure we deliver accurate, trustworthy results for all surveys.