The importance of replying to online reviews

We have already identified how important reviews are to your dealership. On top of this, nearly half of your potential customers will be searching for their future car when you are not open, forming opinions about your dealership outside of the 9 to 6.

In a nutshell, positive online reviews can be the deciding factor for consumers buying from your dealership.

Respond to Reviews to Maximise Your Ratings

A survey by shows that a low percentage of dealerships respond to reviews (33%).  Looking at the research in more detail, dealerships with a low percentage of responses, less than 10 percent, have lower ratings; whereas dealerships with a response rate over 60% enjoy higher ratings. Not only that, but research also shows that car buyers are 90% more likely to visit your website if you have positive car dealership reviews online, and 72% of buyers will take action ONLY after reading a positive review (BrightLocal).

ALWAYS Respond to Negative Reviews

Try to always respond to and follow-up on negative reviews.  Once you have replied to a negative review, remember that the conversation can then be taken offline to ensure a swift and positive resolution.  Keep in mind when responding to these reviews that the quicker the response the better.  Future customers will see that you care about your customers.  Remember that the JudgeService reporting tool, and our Right-to-Reply function, can be accessed on your mobile device so take advantage of this and try and respond as soon as possible.  Some dealerships make it a policy to respond within 2 hours of a posting which shows your customers that you care about them and that you are actively working to improve your business.

Car dealerships can fail or succeed based on customers satisfaction and online dealership reviews have a huge impact on your business.  Make sure that you are utilising this vital information to nurture and grow your customer base and to expand your raving fan base.

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