Online Reviews – outsourcing vs in-house

Outsourcing your online review management or keeping it in-house isn’t a decision to make lightly. Both have their advantages but it’s important to know what to expect before you commit to doing it yourself.

With the endless amount of review sites and social media platforms popping up, the job of online review management has become a multi-faceted experience that now includes areas such as: monitoring and responding to online reviews and posts, replying to customers on review sites and generating positive reviews. With everything that is included in review monitoring, the process of incorporating it efficiently into your business and aligning it with your goals is almost impossible; without the right tools in place.

Companies often find they do not currently have the time and resources needed to handle the amount of data that comes with review management and are thus left overwhelmed. When looking for a solution some companies may think that hiring new employees to handle the job manually is a valid option, but for companies with a large number of locations, hiring a new employee won’t solve the problem; the amount of data that needs to be tracked in order to have an effective review management strategy is not scalable, even with a room full of new employees!

All the data you need, when you need it

JudgeService helps you streamline this process. Our solutions contain advanced reporting tools which allow you to use all survey results to provide statistics about the purchasing process, handover and quality, while offering vast insight into the experiences of both lost sales customers and used car buyers who have visited your site(s).

Our unique traffic light approach enables you to compare your results with others in the industry, and provide a comparison with the National average (based on JudgeService national figures).

JudgeService customers have access to unique levels of reporting. The reporting suite provides unparalleled granular detail, making it easier for YOU to identify buying trends and/or potential issues.

The extensive tools and reports you have at your disposal enable you to:

  • View your performance in our dashboard, comparing to your peers and our averages.
  • See individual Sales Executive’s profiles and identify great performances – and training needs.
  • Identify customers with concerns and check they’re being dealt with.
  • Establish the source of business – from the customer’s view.
  • View league tables of your team’s collective and individual performances.
  • Generate referral campaign lists.
  • Develop bespoke reports on data or customer sets.
  • Plus, lots, lots more.

Managing reviews in-house may cost less in terms of expenditure, but how many man-hours will be used to fully manage the reviews? At JudgeService, we take the job of managing reviews and provide you with all the accurate, trustworthy details you need to know!

To find out more about JudgeService’s range of solutions, visit our dedicated website.