At JudgeService we are proud that we publish all appropriate reviews

Traditional British reluctance to complain about poor service is being swept away as multiple internet channels enable consumers to become more ‘opinionated’. It’s not realistic to expect everyone to be happy and bad reviews lend credibility. And companies should learn to see the value in negative comments.

Negating a negative is a genuine thing and, of course, two negatives make a positive! At JudgeService, if you choose to publish your testimonials, we publish all of them (unlike some other review providers that cherry pick and only show the good ones to fudge the results).

But these negative reviews actually help aid conversions too. At least, they do if they are handled correctly. 30% of consumers assume online reviews are fake if there are no negative reviews! (Vandesta)

By replying to negative comments to address the issue and take the conversation offline, you can manage your reputation and integrity.

With this in mind, professional, trustworthy review sites should include a function that allows you to reply to negative comments / feedback. states that responding promptly to negative reviews is the number one way of dealing with negative reviews. JudgeService solutions include this and, in addition, our system sends an alert to a nominated person, immediately notifying your business so you can address it in a timely manner.

Our ‘Right-to-Reply’ facility enables you to display responses to negative reviews online. This provides the opportunity to resolve the complaint in an open forum and for potential consumers to see how you handle issues generally. This vastly improves your credibility.

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