At JudgeService, we believe in trust

At JudgeService we believe in trust, and as an independent review provider we are dedicated to bringing unbiased, honest and accurate customer reviews. Clients can choose to use our research for internal purposes only but where we publish any reviews we publish them all – good or bad. Reviews are published on Google, Facebook, our client’s websites, our website, and across numerous strategic partner websites.

JudgeService helps companies who are committed to customer satisfaction maximise response from consumers and share reviews for social proofing. Credibility is your trustworthiness, believability and honesty – and we help build online credibility and trust from the first impression.

Through a data feed JudgeService issues a questionnaire to customers, to assess overall experience and whether they would recommend friends and family.

We are proud to publish all reviews whether they are good, bad or somewhere in the middle (based on our market-driven House Rules). And we work with you to guarantee website optimisation and maximum exposure.

Honesty is the best policy!

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