Secure additional business from your customers

To complement our range of solutions, we have launched a series of new products to help secure you additional business from your customers. These new surveys provide more opportunities to engage with your customers and get them into the showroom.

The surveys, which include inviting customers to test drives, new model launches, new model test drives, VIP events and making them aware of MOTs, services and recall campaigns, are designed to increase the touchpoints between dealer and customers.

Each of the new surveys give you the opportunity to contact those consumers who might be holding off buying another car and get them into the showroom where you can talk through the options available to them right now.

 VIP Events

This has been developed to help you host successful events. We are able to ensure that as many people as possible attend your event(s) by offering email marketing campaigns, follow up calls and a booking services. This package will really help make your invites feel special, helping to generate the desired levels of enthusiasm right up until the event takes place…that’s when it’s over to you!


Do you perform as many MOTs as you would like? Here at JudgeService we want to keep your Aftersales department fully booked, without the hassle. We can initially pre-qualify any prospective MOT Customers and, providing they still require an MOT, we then contact them directly and help to arrange that test with you!

Servicing Bookings

Do all your customers get their cars serviced with you? If not, why not? We will help you answer that question and, most importantly, we will help bring as many customers as possible to your Servicing department. We contact all sales before their first Service is due, reminding them that it will be coming up soon and booking them in with you wherever possible. If for any reason they have already gone elsewhere, we can feedback the reasons behind this to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

Safety Recalls

Safety recalls have been seemingly head-line news in recent years. With this in mind, we have created a solution that will take all the hassle out of recalls. We contact all the customers who are affected by this, inform them of the situation and arrange an appointment with you accordingly.

Test Drives

Whether for a new model or a “Special Offer” promotion, we will help you maximise the opportunity in every enquiry by arranging Test Drives. We will contact the customer and book the appointment on your behalf. It is no secret that ‘bums on seats sell cars’ and our job is to keep any interest spiked, ensuring that when they arrive at your dealership they are already enthusiastic about their test drive. You are then left to get on with closing the sale!

Contact sales-enquiry@judgeservice or call 01423 225166 for further details.