Mix ‘N’ Match with Snap ‘N’ Share

Written reviews at our granular reporting are essential to improve business. Why not add to the mix with photographs to support their claims? Snap’N’Share is our free app that has been developed especially so that you can instantly share verified, branded photographic evidence of your customer’s satisfaction.

Using the app is as easy as a quick log in and a few details followed by a star rating and taking a picture of your satisfied customer – in fact, that’s precisely what it is and then you’re set to share it to your Facebook account for all to see in an instant. It’s quick, easy and once you have the picture, it’s yours to do with as you please and it will be branded with your logo.

Not only is Snap’N’Share successful in creating a visual representation of great customer service for future customers viewing your business online, but it’s a great way of giving your customers control, building rapport and creating for them a future anecdote about your business. There is an option when you take photo to have it emailed to the customer and if they agree, the likelihood is that they too will share the photo… ultimate exposure. In the current world of social media, people really like to update their friends with their accomplishments and that certainly extends at least as far as documenting their new purchases. Snap’N’Share couldn’t be a more suitable tool for you to exploit that current obsession to enhance your online presence. It’s an obsession that won’t be going away any time soon either so it’s in the best interest of any business to jump on the bandwagon and ride it into the future of promotion. Of course, you aren’t limited to the use of social media to share your snaps; photographs are eye-catching and tell a story without saying a word. You can even use the pictures for the promotion of your social media as well to promote on it: why not include the addition of your snaps in your physical advertisements to attract further attention and to show the range of channels your business is involved in?

Judge Service Car Dealership Snap'N'Share

Good customer service elicits positive reviews so as well as promoting your product, this is also a great opportunity to show to your potential customers the personal approach that your business operates and how much you acknowledge and value each customer as an individual. It should also be considered that the amount of people who leave reviews does not match the amount of people who read reviews. Not everybody is inclined to type up a review, regardless of the quality of their experience so innovative and engaging tools like Snap’N’Share provide an alternative way of reviewing to engage as many customers as possible.

The app is an ongoing project so keep an eye out for future updates. See here for further information and how to download the app.