Hottest Cars of 2018 So Far: Let the Stats Tell the Story

Last year, we saw the Ford Fiesta achieve the status of best-selling car. This was no surprise really, considering it had been the best-selling model for the previous 8 years in a row[1].

Naturally, the automotive industry predicted that the Fiesta would retain its status this year as well[2]. The Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders (SMMT) have reported the stats and we now know how car sales are coming along so far[3], so let’s have a look at the results. 

Number 1 – Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta Hottest Car of 2018

As predicted, the Ford Fiesta is still the number one selling car in mid-2018. With 6, 896 registrations in May alone, the Fiesta is topping the charts with a total of 47, 515 registrations up to this point.

Number 2 – Volkswagen Golf

The Volkswagen Golf is coming in second with a total of 33, 057 registrations. It’s in second place this year overall but the Ford Focus won it’s second-place spot by 201 registrations for the month of May. Will the Golf be completely overtaken by the end of the year?

Number 3 – Nissan Qashqai

Nissan Qashqai Best-selling SUV 2018

With a total of 26, 127 registrations, the Nissan Qashqai is currently in 3rd place. The Volkswagen Golf is ahead by 6, 930 and the Ford Fiesta by a whopping 21, 388, but the Qashqai is looking like the most popular SUV of 2018 yet.

Number 4 – Ford Focus

Ford Focus 4th Best-selling Model 2018

With a total of 25, 917 registrations this year, the Ford Focus may be the 4th best-seller but it follows the Nissan Qashqai by only 210 registrations. Not only this, but it came a close 2nd as the best-seller in May, only 323 behind the Fiesta so will this favourite make it to number three? We’ll see!

Number 5 – Vauxhall Corsa

Vauxhall Corsa 5th Top-Selling Car 2018

With less than half the registrations of the Ford Fiesta this year to date, the Vauxhall Corsa is currently the 5th best-seller with 21, 927 registrations. For May alone, the Corsa is falling a little behind with the Volkswagen Polo taking 5th place by 29 units.

To Conclude

Stranger things have happened at sea, but we’re quite confident that the Ford Fiesta will continue to top the charts for the remainder of 2018 and beyond. Will the Vauxhall Corsa stage a comeback? Only time will tell.

How do you think the future is looking? Let us know in the comments.

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