Coffee Beans and Car Mats: The 5* Review Tipping Point

While a coffee bean may not be an effective substitute for a headlight, JudgeService research has found that, along with car mats, they serve a much more important role in a dealership than you may think. So much time is invested into the obvious areas of customer service that the finer details are often neglected. But this could be the difference between a glowing dealership review and a mediocre or negative review, and the glowing reviews are what get your next customers through the door. Not only that, but the reasons customers leave positive feedback are what gain their loyalty.

Would you believe me if I said that in just 8 months, 521 JudgeService reviews have highlighted either coffee, car mats or both as a contributing factor to the score that was given? Surprising but true. With 54% of consumers saying they would buy from a dealership that offers their preferred experience, even if it didn’t have the lowest price*, our findings emphasise just how much attention to the finer details is really required.

Customers drinking coffee and taking selfie with sales person in dealership

A hot drink might not seem like a big deal, but customers are generally in the showroom for a considerable amount of time. Enough time to become thirsty and enough time for you to make a connection with them – if you play your cards right. People take their coffee and tea personally, so the small gesture is enough to put them in their comfort zone. The drink is the personal touch; the car mats are the finishing touch, and as we have discovered, customers certainly notice when they’re not present. A new car is a big milestone, their new pride and joy, so it’s understandable that they’d want to preserve its glory.

Purchasing a vehicle is the reason the customer is there, so it goes without saying that you need to get that part right. However, many dealerships offer the same vehicles, so you need to do everything in your power to make the experience one worth visiting your dealership for. Depriving a customer of a drink, or a car of a significant accessory, are often highlighted as “the only thing” that let a dealership down, therefore implying that their mere 3* rating had potential to be 5*. The finer details of the customer experience could be the difference between a positive dealership review and a mediocre review, a recommendation and a non-recommendation, a one-time purchase and customer loyalty.

Of course, coffee and car mats are only examples. Through dealership reviews, you have the power to discover what your customers expect and there are solutions like JudgeService’s ReAct out there that survey your customers, prompting them to give insights into all the details that may surprise you. They are then prompted to leave a testimonial, meaning you get the insights that truly matter, as well as the all-important star ratings. Keep them coming back for MOTs, servicing and repairs, and when it’s time for renewal, make your dealership worth the return.

*Auto Trader: