Motor Trader Summit 18: Profitable Digital Marketing In 2019

Last week, we attended the Motor Trader Summit on the 20th of November, held at the Edgbaston Stadium in Birmingham. Hosted and organised by Motor Trader’s John Kirwan and Bill Sherry, the event was attended by over 100 dealerships from all over the country, including dealerships from Cardiff, London and Edinburgh.

JudgeService’ Pick’n’Mix Cart at the Motor Trader Summit 18

I was one of the many attendees who watched and listened to the 10 presenters who shared their insight into what Profitable Digital Marketing looks like in 2019.

Presenters included Ian Godbold (Cambria Automobiles), Mike Jones (ASE), Tim Bond (Direct Marketing Association) Neil Addley (JudgeService), among others. Despite delays and time extensions, no time was wasted. The food served was decent and the information the experts shared have been useful.

Ian Goldbold, Head of Marketing & Innovation of Cambria Automobile, highlighted the importance of “putting every vehicle online.” “Images should be show-stoppers and description (of the car) should be unique, “he furthers. These build and make your VDPs or Vehicle Data Pages and Ian also suggests that the more VDPs you have, the more sales you will make. “Build a VDP factory,” he says.

Ian Godbold, Head of Marketing & Innovation, Cambria Automobiles

Meanwhile, Mike Jones, Chairman of ASE, stressed out that dealerships need to do social media marketing well, must make videos, strategise organic and paid ads and to cover all bases.”

Moreover, one of the resounding themes from amongst the speakers was customer loyalty. Neil Addley, JudgeService’ founder and managing director, once again discussed how improving satisfaction and promoter scores can lead to selling cars faster. According to the research conducted in October, from between 30,000 – 45,000 surveys collected this year, a 20% increase in promoter score can lead to selling cars almost 6 days quicker. This translates to £75,520 gross profit per annum for an average dealership.

Neil Addley, Founder of JudgeService

Cultivating #ravingfans or customer loyalty is therefore indeed significant in expanding business and boosting profitability. Digital solutions offered by the multiple suppliers present at the event have been helping foster loyalty amongst car consumers including optimised websites and VDAs, high-quality videos, social media advertising, online reviews and measuring tools like JudgeService’ CSI, that allows dealerships identify which areas of their businesses drive #ravingfans.

From everything that we have learnt, seen and eaten at the event, it was an overall success and we can’t wait to participate at the next one.