Fed up of Pizza & Prospecting night? – Staying way past 7 to get that extra appointment that may turn up?

The good news is I can show you a proven way to increase your sales by 11% without the BS of heavy marketing cost, oh, and the dreaded open boot, balloon hanging sells cars ancient theory.

Yes, you read it right! I can show you how to increase sales by 11% and the best part about it is, it’s by using all of the tools you currently have.

Who would have thought that on average 36% of your customers that did not buy were still in the market? Well, I can tell you they are!

Newsflash to you and all your “tyre kicking friends”; JudgeService have found that these customers are genuinely in the market to buy a car and 11% of them then go on to buy.

So, I guess the elephant in the room is how have we done this? Simple-we just picked up the phone and asked them. We asked them are you still in the market? We asked them why did you not buy? We asked them would you like the dealer to contact you.

Now there’s no doubt we get a better response rate because we are a trusted third party or you could even say that we are automotive specialists working in an insight business.

But the reality is we called your lost leads and found the magic key to increasing your ROI, and in the meantime, we found out the areas you can improve:

  • On average 29% of the customers were not offered a test drive! (Bums on seats people!) it’s the golden oldie
  • 35% were not offered finance? I mean why? You make money and the customer leaves in a lovely car that meets all their needs for a payment they can comfortably afford. We are all winners.

I guess the moral of my story is that the customers are there, they are in the market; the question is do you have the time or the skills to convert them into sales?

Thank you