5 key tips to unlocking September’s success.

If you are worrying about how you will hit target this September, then these tips are for you.

After reading this blog you’ll kick yourself and wonder why it has taken this long for you to do something about it. However, the key is not just to do the actions required but do them properly and professionally, not half hearted.

I know you try and look after your existing customers; you may give them a call once a year to wish them a Happy Birthday or send them the odd promotion leaflet.

But is this enough to keep them engaged and loyal to you?  I would argue that it’s not.

  1. Start with service

So, here is my first tip to keep your customers engaged and give them no reason to go to your competitors. When a customer brings their old car in for a service, 9 times out of 10 they will have a look at the stock you have. Why not offer to appraise their car? Work out what the cost to change would be, offer them a test drive while they wait and as clever way to build up an appetite, park their old car next to the spanking new one in the car park?

2. Finance is your friend

On average 91% of your customers will buy on finance. A large chunk of them will be on PCP. This means that dreaded balloon payment becomes your friend. An agreement that you can monitor, this will allow you to see when they can change and when they must change, unless they want to pay a large amount of money. Even if they are prepared to pay the money wouldn’t they rather use that as a deposit on a shiny new car?

Once you have found the golden nuggets, don’t stop there. Why should they come back to you?

3. Emotion

Use the fact its September. People love having the newest high-tech things. In fact, 90% of people will buy on emotions. The way you make them feel when they are looking at the car will play a huge part in their decision. Talking to their imagination using their emotional connections, is a sure-fire way to maximise sales. Don’t ignore emotion. 

4. Professional Prospecting

Create the atmosphere. They are special customers. Make sure they feel that way and turn them into loyal customers.

You can do this by creating a VIP event, exclusively for existing customers.

Use a professional prospecting service. You will be surprised how much of a difference this makes. Adding to the feel of exclusivity you have gone to great lengths to ensure they know they can change their car.

The JudgeService contact centre provides this service for our clients.

Our latest case study shows that when we contacted 311 existing customers 116 made an appointment! That’s a 37% conversion rate.

116 hot leads!

5. Sometimes we all need a little reminder


We can put all the work in to get the appointments but, don’t let your foot off the gas just yet.

Often, we make the mistake of booking an appointment, taking it as gospel and then wonder why we get “no shows”.

Look at it from a different perspective, you book a dentist appointment or a hair appointment and the day before you get a friendly reminder to tell you that the business is looking forward to seeing you at a certain time.

I don’t know about you, but I am always hoping for that text just to make sure I have the right time or even date.

Why should your customer be any different?

A JudgeService gentle reminder call.

“Hi Mr Jones, we are looking forward to seeing you Saturday @11:15am

Just to make you aware there is free parking at the front of the building and Jack will be waiting in reception to show you around the new cars”

Ensure you give everything you do 100%. Remember, these are your customers, don’t give others the chance to take them away.

If you would like to know more, contact me Brogan on Brogan@judgeservice.com

Thank you