The Magical Phone

I am 100% sure that if you have worked in any sales role, you will have heard “the magic phone” saying before.
That awkward moment where you have been trying to get a hold of a customer for at least 3 days, sat at your desk prospecting day in, day out, because the customer told you they must sleep on it. Then, just before you go to add them to the missing person list forever, someone else calls them and they magically pick up the phone.

Oh, the irony of that situation. But don’t worry, we have all been there and I am sure we will all be there again.
Now that we have companies like JudgeService who actively work to re-invigorate your lost leads you can guarantee that the awkward moment of your sales manager asking you, “how come you didn’t manage to get a hold of your own customer, but JudgeService did?” is here to stay.

Not only that, would you believe the “magic phones” we have in Harrogate, where the JudgeService call centre is based, now have the power to work efficiently with the reporting system and every Sunday night, generate a report of all the customers, that have been marked as a lost lead the week previous, but somehow the professional team have managed to convert and identifying them as wanting to buy a car from you.

As you can imagine Joe the General Manager thinks this report is the best thing since sliced bread. In fact, it is the highlight of his weekend. Joe loves nothing more than sitting in his state-of-the-art office with his bacon butty, black coffee and perfecting his look of pure disappointment waiting for you to turn up even 3 minutes late, so he can tell you how bad you really are. He will obviously go on to say JudgeService must have “magic phones” because they can get a hold of customers that you can’t.

Although that maybe some people’s reality there is a positive spin to the “magic phone” scenario, and that is money, hot prospects, and referrals.
If you really had done everything possible, and someone else managed to get a hold of the missing customer for you and found out exactly what they want to buy, and then handed it back to you, first thing on a Monday morning, surely that is the best Monday morning you could wish for? You could argue that they are better than PX leads, web contacts or even phone enquiries and you don’t even have to worry that they will be given to the top salesperson because they are your customers.

 I don’t know about you, but if I had the opportunity to start my week with even one hot lead, I would take the opportunity with both hands and run with it.

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