Helping car dealerships move to online sales

Neil Addley Founder of JudgeService

We’re always keen to do our bit to support the automotive industry and, with the coronavirus crisis currently hitting the UK, we’ve come up with a not-to-be-missed offer.

JudgeService Research will provide three survey services completely free to any dealership, whether they are a current client or not, as we aim to help dealerships keep up sales over the coming months.

The three free services are

  • the PX valuation survey: to give insight into your valuation proposition and get more deals
  • the online sales survey: to get insight to improve the process and get reviews to reassure buyers about buying online
  • the product survey: to get peer review content for buyers who don’t want to do loads of test drives

In combination, these are all designed to support dealers to sell more online. They will deliver valuable insight into customers’ experience of the valuation process and online buying, as well as peer review content to encourage potential buyers.

JudgeService founder and MD Neil Addley says: “We recognise this is a worrying time for car dealerships – if people can’t come out to see them, get part exchange valuations and test drive, they might well wonder how on earth they’ll keep selling cars.

“However, we’re already seeing dealerships adapt to the situation, just as they have other crises over the years. We’re offering these services completely free as a gesture of solidarity to the industry, helping them to find a way through the challenges and discover a new way of selling cars.

“This isn’t a short-term way for us to tempt people in – the offer will be in place for as long as the coronavirus crisis is affecting the UK automotive industry.”

Advice from the government over social distancing is already seeing reduced footfall on forecourts. However, with the advice set to remain in place for several months, there will be customers looking to buy new cars before restrictions on contact are lifted.

As a result, Neil believes that the current crisis will hasten a move to online sales which had already begun.

“Many of our clients have already begun using online sales as part of their offer, but it’s still on a relatively small scale,” he says.

“I don’t have a crystal ball, but I think it is likely that, during and after the Covid-19 situation, online sales will continue to rise.”

Anyone interested in finding out more about the free surveys can call us now on 01423 225166.