Best car games for the family this half term

Need some entertainment on a long journey?

Best car games for your family this half term.

As the excitement of October half term approaches for some, it’s time to talk car games. It’s likely that fewer people will be travelling abroad for their Autumn sunshine this year, and instead will be opting for a British “staycation”.

If the government’s “tier system” allows, it’s time to pack up the car and drive to your destination of choice.

Suitcase? Check. Walking boots? Check. Car keys? Check. Sun cream? Maybe not. A list of your favourite car games? No? Let us fix that for you.

1) The Memory Game

A true classic to get the journey going. Also known as “The Shopping List Game”, it’s an easy one. My family starts the game with the eldest passenger then works their way around clockwise. It starts with “I’m going shopping and in my trolley is a…carton of milk”. Then the next person must remember what the player previous added to their trolley and add an item themselves. And so on until someone can’t remember all the items in the trolley or makes a mistake. A great one for all the family and the more people in the car the more challenging it makes the game.


2) 20 Questions

This one is great because you can adapt it however you like, making it easier or more challenging depending on who you’ve got in the car. Again, a super easy one to get a grasp of. Pick something, anything you like, and the rest of the car have twenty “Yes or No” only questions to figure what you are thinking of.

A great way to customize this game is to select a category for each round, some JudgeService favourites include Disney films, capital cities, and food/drink.

Or you could go for the classic “animal, vegetable, mineral” version!

3) Car Bingo

This game might require a little prep work before the journey starts if you prefer to use pen and paper, but everyone has a smartphone these days so you could just as easily use the notes section on your phone.

Make a list of 12 (or however many you like) different cars or vehicles and as you’re on your journey, cross them off. Not one for the designated driver, but they could always partner up with whoever is sat in the front.


4) Stick to the Rules!

If you have a particularly long journey ahead this game will make it much more interesting.

At the beginning of the journey, each passenger makes up a ridiculous rule. For example, “Every time you stop at a red light you must moo like a cow”, and whoever is the last person to comply to the rule loses a point. You can start at 10 and make your way down to 0 or start with a higher number for a longer game.

Our tip is to change the rules every hour or so to keep it exciting for everyone!

5) Name that tune!

Let’s get the party started! It’s the half-term, after all, so make the most of your break away and get the music playing.

It’s perfect if you can connect your phone to your stereo but if not, you can always use the radio and try to beat the presenter. Allocate someone to DJ or use a shuffle option and get the tunes going, the first person to guess the name of the song (and/or the artist) gets a point! And as Halloween is approaching, why not get some spooky tunes on to get everyone in the mood?


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