Bug baffles budgeting

Is the pandemic creating budgeting problems?

As the days get shorter, darker, and colder. The thoughts of frosty windscreens and frostbitten fingers at 6.30 am remind us that winter approaches and it’s the time of year that dealerships will be starting to complete their budgets for 2021.

With turbulent times ahead and uncertainty that looms over us all, it’s a difficult time for anyone to predict whether they will even be able to leave their house next week, never mind attempting to create a budget for the year like no other.

It’s safe to say some dealerships may have had to subject their 2020 budget to constant replanning. However, we believe flexibility is the key to a (hopefully) successful budget for the year ahead.

Revenue may not be flowing in as steadily as it had in previous years, as the automotive industry experienced a complete U-turn as the demand exploded in June. Auto Trader had revealed that their “site traffic has increased by 29%” compared to June last year.

However, as fears of local lockdowns are now taking hold we are already hearing reports of reduced footfall in many showrooms across the UK.

People who you may have previously been your typical customer, for example, the commuter, are now only travelling as far as their kitchen table, therefore, are less likely to need a new car anytime soon.

However, on the flip side, you have many key workers who have taken onboard government recommendations and are avoiding the use of public transport, therefore a whole host of potential new customers.


Dealers need to keep in mind that a budget template for 2021 will be susceptible to variables that are completely out of their control.

Trying to find the right balance between having enough staff to get the job done and keep social distancing measures in place is something every company is struggling with right now.

The team at JudgeService are ready and waiting to support and find out exactly how dealerships are planning to tackle 2021 headfirst. 

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