How The Alternative Board helped JudgeService – Part 1

What is DiSC profiling, and how did Andrew Jackson help JudgeService?

Understanding yourself better is the first step to becoming more effective when working with others.

We contacted Andrew Jackson from The Alternative Board for this blog post, to share with us an overview of the coaching he provided for our leadership team.

To find out exactly what the leadership team thought about their sessions with Andrew, look out for part 2!

“TAB (The Alternative Board) Harrogate, partner with ‘Everything DiSC Workplace’ to provide DiSC assessments and workshops to businesses and teams across the area.

“DiSC is a tool that can help people connect better by understanding more about ourselves and others. DiSC in its current form has become the global standard in work-based profiling for over 30 years with the science behind it being developed and tested for almost 100 years.

“Understanding yourself better is the first step to becoming more effective when working with others. When you combine that to learning about other people’s DiSC styles, this can help understand their priorities and how they may differ from your own.

DiSC profile.

“With JudgeService I ran a half-day workshop at Rudding Park for their leadership team to teach them how to use the DiSC tools and also learn about their own personal DiSC profiles.

“The whole workshop was highly interactive, and as the facilitator, hugely enjoyable as the team started to really understand themselves and their colleagues on a much deeper level. Previous frustrations with colleagues can quickly be understood and avoided through the insight provided within DiSC.

“At the end of the workshop, we held a people reading competition, a series of videos where the teams had to guess first the correct DiSC profile. This is a lot of fun and it’s amazing how quickly the JudgeService team had embraced the learning and could easily recognise the profiles from the videos. Chelsea was definitely the fastest finger on the buzzer during this exercise and each of her answers was correct!

“Overall the purpose of this workshop was to give JudgeService a set of simple and understandable tools to become more effective leaders and a more rounded leadership team. DiSC provides a “common language” that has huge value to a business to get the very best from everyone by embracing our differences rather than clashing against them”.

In part 2, the leadership team at JudgeService will be sharing their thoughts on their sessions with Tab. To be alerted when JudgeService post new blogs, subscribe to our email alerts or follow our socials.