Making the most of Covid-19 measures

Having excellent social distancing measures is more important than you think

Hygiene standards and social distancing measures are of top priority.

Up until recently, dealerships up and down the country were investing in the highest quality coffee machines in order to impress their clients as they walked through the door. As let’s be honest, unless you’re a through and through petrol-head, the aroma of freshly ground coffee is much more inviting than the smell of oil.

However, that is not what you should expect if you were to step into a car dealership today. Gone are the days of shiny brochures scattered across desks and water dispensers to use at your disposal.

But this isn’t necessarily a negative thing, as a hygienic and clean showroom is exactly what the doctor (literally!) ordered.

Dealerships were permitted by the government to open 2 weeks earlier than other non-essential businesses as they were deemed as “an economic importance to the UK”.

Hygiene standards and social distancing measures are of top priority as dealerships are being subject to official government checks to make sure that they are following guidelines to keep staff and clients safe at work.

Making the most of Covid-19 measures.

JudgeService’s ReAct survey data has revealed that: customers which were “completely satisfied” with the social distancing measures in place at the dealership, are 50.35% more likely to recommend the dealership they used than those which were “very satisfied”.

a survey question
“How likely is it that you would recommend the dealership to family or friends?”

Below are 2 pie charts which represent the data from JudgeService’s ReAct Survey.

JudgeService ReAct Used Car data: 83.5% of customers who were “completely satisfied” with the social distancing measures in place at the dealership they bought a car from, voted 10, (on a scale of 1-10) when asked, “How likely is it that you would you recommend the dealership to friends and family?”
JudgeService ReAct Used Car data: 33.15% voted 10 of those that were “very satisfied” with the social distancing measures in place.

As you can see, that is a large drop in recommendations and a great loss of potential customers.

JudgeService’s ReAct survey provides insight and verified reviews to help dealerships find the strengths and areas for improvement within their business.

Key points to remember when making sure your showroom is following the guidelines are:

  • Two-metre social distancing always – ground markings are a helpful method for enforcing this rule.
  • Multiple hand sanitiser points – at all entrances and exits and throughout the showroom.
  • A one-way system – to avoid bottlenecks and crowding.

For more details and ideas for creating a safe atmosphere for clients, click here for an insightful article by Car Dealer Magazine which we found very constructive.

Something as simple as making sure social distancing measures are to the highest of standards could make such a huge difference. It’s not all about the coffee and car mats anymore.

Unfortunately, if you’re currently in Wales, no amount of sufficient social distancing will be enough, because as of Friday 23rd October 2020, they are the next fall victim to harsher restrictions and car dealerships are being ordered to close for at least 2 weeks. This is hard luck for some like, Wessex Garages, Bridgend Ford, FRF Motor Group, Jeff White Motors and more…

Interested in how JudgeService and our ReAct survey can help your business? Click here to find out more!