Christmas gift guide for petrol heads

Christmas is only five weeks away, can you believe it?

Even though it feels like time has stood still since March, the big day is fast approaching and it’s time to start thinking about what to get your friends and family who have supported you through a year like no other.

JudgeService have collated a few items from small businesses on Etsy that we think your car-loving pals will really enjoy.

Small and family-run businesses need all the help they can get this year, that’s why we have decided to provide links to all the items below so you can easily purchase them yourselves.

1. I love my car – a practical gift box

This is a great present for someone who loves a more practical Christmas present. A box filled with car-related goodies including an ice scraper, an air freshener, paint scratch remover, car glass wipes and more.

You can even purchase “The Pink Edit” – the same box with a few pink alternatives switched out, for those who want to add a bit more colour to their car kits!

2. Car badge coaster

Treat someone this Christmas who loves a good brew to their own personalised coaster.

An affordable and useful gift for people who love their coffee as much as they love their car. You can choose from a variety of brands and can order either 1 single coaster or packs of 2 and 4.

This Etsy seller also sells a range of other printable goods for you to browse through.

3.  “I’d rather be driving my…” socks.

socks from etsy

Who doesn’t love getting socks for Chrismas? Another year rolls around and the ones you got last year have finally worn through on the heel or your big toe is poking out the top…

Well, this year we’ve found you the perfect socks for your petrol-head dad.

Maybe you have a friend who prefers 2 wheels rather than 4, the motorcycle version of these socks are this Etsy seller’s biggest hit.

4.  Car mod tee


Car-enthusiasts who can’t stop modifying their vehicles will love this novelty T-Shirt. It’s perfect for weekends in the garage or to wear out and about.

This Etsy seller “Cre8tiveFox”, sells a range of slogan T-shirts, perfect to suit any hobbies or particular interests your friends and family might have.

5. Novelty car mug

car mug xmas

We all know someone that spends way too much money on their car. This novelty “I work hard so that my car can have a better life” mug, would make a great pairing to the coaster we mentioned earlier. Whoever receives this set of gifts is making sure the office knows exactly who is the automotive fan.

For an added touch, we suggest filling the mug with a package of their favourite beverage, whether that be a few teabags or even a few Tassimo espresso pods for the coffee lovers.

We hope that has helped a few of you gather some ideas and maybe inspired you to check out buying from small businesses this year. Your car-loving friends and family are for sure going to be impressed by these thoughtful gift ideas.

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