Friday Fun Anagrams – Road Trip Sweets

It’s Friday! Let’s have some fun.

anagrams and sweets
Give these sugary anagrams a go – answers at the bottom.

Although road trips are few and far between at the moment, it looks like we are going to have the go-ahead to visit friends and family this Christmas. If there is one thing that is a must on long car journeys, it’s sweets.

We don’t know what it is about eating sweets on car journeys, whether it just seems to pass time quicker or it actually eases travel sickness, but some sweets just can’t be beaten.

After discussions in the office, it seems to be a generational thing, but many of us have fond memories of tucking into tins of boiled sweets on the trip to see Grandma at Christmastime.

Flavours such as Barley Sugar, Rhubarb and Custard, Butterscotch and Forest Fruits are the most nostalgic.

Other fan favourites include chewier sweets such as Starbursts, Skittles or Fruit Pastilles. One individual admitted to favouring a tin of Turkish Delight…

Those who end up as the designated driver for the ride say that they prefer something with as much sugar in as possible as it helps to keep them awake and alert after a few hours of driving. It’s much more convenient than trying to take a sip of coffee that has gone cold or attempting to open an energy drink at the wheel.

We always encourage drivers to stop and take a break when driving long distances.

For some Friday fun, we decided to test the biggest sweet tooths to these sugary anagrams! Just for fun, see how many you can get – we’ll provide the answers at the bottom of the blog post.

the word collates tobacco on a background of sweets
Anagram 1



the words classy gunfire on a background of gummy hearts
Anagram 2


the words absorbs newborn try on a background of sweets
Anagram 3


the words emu wings on a background of candy hearts
Anagram 4


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Answers to anagrams below:

sɯnƃ ǝuᴉʍ = sƃuᴉʍ nɯǝ
suoq uoq ʎɹɹǝqʍɐɹʇs = ʎɹʇ uɹoqʍǝu sqɹosqɐ
sɹǝɔnɐs ƃuᴉʎlɟ = ǝɹᴉɟunƃ ʎssɐlɔ
sǝlʇʇoq ɐloɔ ɐɔoɔ = oɔɔɐqoʇ sǝʇɐlloɔ