Is Black Friday the best time to buy a car?

Black Friday may be more highly anticipated this year more than ever.

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Black Friday falls on the 27th of November 2020.

It’s been a tough year and your budget for Christmas 2020 could go two ways.

Either you have saved a lot more than you had planned because you’ve not been on holiday and have spent less on leisure activities, or Christmas is something which is on the back burner due to hardship throughout a turbulent year.  Either way, the chance to grab a bargain, will be at the forefront of shoppers minds.

Friday 27th of November is the date to remember this year. Due to current circumstances, it seems that many retailers have opened their Black Friday deals early as they know they won’t be getting the physical footfall and will be relying on online sales alone.

Although Black Friday is a staple in many people’s calendar, the automotive industry presents equal positives and negatives which need to be considered when it comes to purchasing a car during the sales.

Should I buy a car on Black Friday?

Dealerships are always aware in the last quarter of the year that Black Friday is around the corner. Therefore, if you are planning on purchasing a used car, holding off until the sales is probably a good idea.

Usually, used car dealerships have around a 60-day stocking policy, where if they can’t shift a car after 60 days, they transfer it to another site. During this time, they may have already dropped the price of the car once or twice.

On the run-up to Black Friday, dealerships may be holding off on dropping prices of any of their stock that has been hanging around on the forecourt for a while in October/November. Waiting until Black Friday ensures more eyes on their stock and only one price drop.

So, if you’re looking to buy a used car later on in the year, yes, waiting until Black Friday to try and grab a bargain would be wise, however, that doesn’t mean you can’t get just as good (or even better) deals, throughout the year.

(Buyers beware, Black Friday prices are often final, so don’t expect to be able to haggle for anything lower come November 27th).

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Make sure you do your Black Friday research to find out the best deals.

What should I look out for?

Unfortunately, your perfect car may not be included in any of the Black Friday deals, especially if you are after a new car. Not all manufacturers take part in the sales, so it is best to do your research first to find out who is likely to be participating.

If you are lucky enough to grab a discount on a new car, look out for the fine print, as many manufacturers require the cars to be registered by a certain date, therefore, you can’t pick and choose when you want the car delivered and registered. This is basically to stop people from getting the new 21’ registration plates in March.

Environmental impact

This one doesn’t just apply to cars, but an article by BBC News predicted a “carbon emissions boom” on Black Friday this year. It’s obvious why the pandemic is forcing people to shop online and people expect quick delivery times.

The article stated that “85% of UK consumers plan to shop for Black Friday deals, just one in 10 said they considered the impact of their deliveries on the environment”.

So, if you are carbon conscious and don’t want to add to the problem, maybe think about if you can wait a little longer for your new wheels!

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