Get the most out of your JudgeService reports

Your JudgeService reports are the key to managing your customer feedback.

People showing customer feedback evaluation emoticons

Our user friendly and data-driven results show you exactly what you are doing right and what needs improvement. There are a number of different types of reports you may have access to within your JudgeService Portal, here’s how to make the most of them.

First steps:

You need to make sure you are looking at the correct set of data. Results that are outdated or irrelevant to what you want to know aren’t helpful in the slightest.

Check your filters are set to the correct dates to ensure you are seeing the most up to date and accurate data available.

Traffic Light Report

Whether you are subscribed to ProAct or ReAct (or both!), you will have access to our Traffic Light Report.

These are the easiest ways to pull out and spot exactly what needs improvement. You can see specifically which areas of the business require attention and which need praise by following the green, amber and red colour-coded system.

You can also compare your results to the JudgeService average and see if you are meeting the average scores of hundreds of other dealerships across the country.

Filter your results by site, date and even colleagues, to see who/where is a top performer.

JudgeService Traffic Light Report

You can choose exactly who you want/don’t want to have access to this data. Our traffic light reports ensure performance tracking is easy and at the forefront of the minds that care about customer satisfaction.

Attraction Factors

Our Attraction Factor reports are perfect for those who want to know exactly which marketing channel is working for them. You can clearly see where the inbound leads are being directed from, therefore you can make informed decisions on how to spend your marketing budget in the future.

This graph below indicates the majority of car-buyers were directed to the dealership via a website and very little were directed via social media.

JudgeService Attraction Factors Report

Top Colleagues

Our report featuring Top Colleagues is a tool which you can use to spot and recognise those colleagues who deserve recognition.

It’s not an easy task to keep tabs on a large team and it’s important that hard work is recognised, this report leaves no stone unturned. Which also means you can pinpoint which colleagues are missing the mark.

This gives you the opportunity to step in to fix the problem or alternatively, explain to the colleague exactly what is letting their score down.

Anonymised example of low performing colleagues.

These three reports, ready for you to view in your JudgeService Portal are the key to nailing your customer satisfaction scores!

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