Need a refresher?

JudgeService offers Bitesize Training.

We hope all of our clients who use our JudgeService portal feel confident enough to use it, however, we do understand that after a while of not logging in, it may seem daunting to find exactly what you are looking for amongst all that data.

Having trouble finding out just how your sales team are performing? Or maybe you want to know where you can see exactly how your site ranks against the JudgeService average?

Of course, we have our excellent support team on hand during working hours to help you with any of your queries, but if you feel like you would prefer some more in-depth training on how to use our portal then that’s no problem.

JudgeService offers bitesize portal training to those who feel like they want to know more about how the JudgeService portal works, and how they can make the most out of the data we process.

close up of someone through a camera view finder
Here is our Account Executive, Ashley Amos, we filmed some of her portal training sessions so that in the future we can offer online tutorials of how to use our JudgeService portal like a pro

We want to provide you with the know-how, so you can teach other colleagues on your team exactly how JudgeService helps your business.

If this sounds like something you are interested in and want to know how we can organize you some portal training, then get in touch with your account manager or alternatively call 01423 225 166.