The importance of trust in online reviews

The presence of trust in a business is invaluable.

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Without a solid foundation of trust, the entire organisation is vulnerable.

Genuine and positive reviews can massively help a business on its journey to success. In the digital age more than ever, consumer reviews can drive and retain consumer purchases.

JudgeService generates a verified and honest platform to host business reviews and testimonials. These independent reviews made by real customers help potential new customers make informed purchasing decisions.

According to BrightLocal 2019: “the average consumer spends 13 minutes and 45 seconds reading reviews online before making a decision”

Make your reviews count as you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.

Be transparent

Make sure your customer reviews are front and centre where everyone can see them. New customers are now hunting to find your reviews, so hiding them at the bottom of the page underneath the privacy policy will only set you off on a bad foot.

Publishing both positive and negative reviews where everyone can see them proves to potential new customers that a negative review isn’t something to hide, but something to actively fix.

Replying to negative reviews and offering to solve the problem is a quick and easy way to impress potential new customers.


All of JudgeService’s reviews are verified, ensuring that every customer feedback survey has been filled out by a genuine customer.

There are some people out there that think it’s better to show off hundreds of faked five-star reviews until they get caught out further down the line.

JudgeService has strict processes in place, adhering to data protection guidelines, which ensure that no fake reviews slip through the net.

Without customer verification, your business could suffer when a problem arises and lots of negative reviews start flooding in, making people question the reliability of your product or service.

Reviews have the power to influence customer decisions. This basis of social proof can drive customer interaction, therefore creating more sales.

Take control of your digital presence with JudgeService’s Reputation Management service.


Without reviews, your visibility online may as well be non-existent as it does not convey to anyone that you can deliver what you promise.

Trust and credibility boost your company’s online identity and get people talking about you.

JudgeService’s Reputation Manager is a simple, all-in-one interface where you can manage your online reviews and build the trust you need.

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